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Keyed Locks

Ever since we invented the first keyed lock, more than 25 years ago, Kensington keyed locks have stood for professional-grade protection. We’ve set the industry standard, with locks constructed of aircraft-grade steel, custom keying solutions and compatibility with more than 90 percent of business laptops, desktops, projectors, monitors and printers from all major manufacturers.

Combination Locks

Kensington combination locks offer the same professional-grade strength and security as our keyed locks, with the ease of a four-wheel combination that offers 10,000 possible combinations and single admin/master access solutions.

Desktop Locking Solutions

Secure devices and peripherals to desktops with multiple solutions from Kensington. All designed and built to Kensington’s professional-grade standards. Single /admin access solutions are also available.

Lock Anchor Points & Accessories

Sometimes there just isn’t anything to secure your Kensington lock to. We’ve got a solution for that. Kensington lock anchor points and accessories provide a convenient and instant point through which you can secure a lock or cable.